Saturday, 19 September 2015


Chief Information Officer (CIO)
oversees all uses of IT and ensures the strategic alignmen

of IT with business goals and objectives

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

responsible for ensuring the throughput, speed, accuracy, 

availability, and reliability of IT

Chief Security Officer (CSO)

responsible for ensuring the security of IT systems

Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
responsible for ensuring the ethical and legal use of 

information (newest senior executive position in IT)

Chief Knowledge Office (CKO)
responsible for collecting, maintaining, and distributing 

the organization's knowledge

Ethics and Security

Ethics and security are two fundamental building blocks that organizations must base their businesses on to be successful 


the principles and standards that guide our behavior toward other people

Issues affected by technology advances

  • Intellectual property
  • Copyright
  • Fair use doctrine
  • Pirated software
  • Counterfeit software


Information security is the protection of information from accidental or intentional misuse by persons inside or outside an organization


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